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Did you know? 

The average couple spends over 400 hours planning their wedding!! A lot of those hours are spent duplicating effort because they don't have a guide that makes the process simple and easy for them! 

No matter your level of desired involvement in your wedding plans, we can help you refine your planning process into a stress-free day where you can enjoy your wedding, celebrate with the ones you love and tell your love story from beginning to end!

YOU CAN BREAK THE MOLD...are you a Whimsy Wedding couple?




  • NO STRESS...we're totally fine leaving all the details to the professionals!

  • A GUEST EXPERIENCE and comfort for the ones we love. 

  • SMILES are mandatory!

  • TO TELL OUR STORY through unique details.

  • "WOW!" MOMENTS! The professional guides to make them happen!

  • A WEDDING! Rain or shine, all that matters is saying "I do" and nothing will steal our joy.

  • ORGANIZATION and a timely, easy to follow, FUN process to make our wedding day perfect!

  • GRATITUDE! We are grateful and thankful for each other AND excited about our new adventure ahead starting off right.

  • NOTHING TO PROVE...we're focused on the meaning of our wedding day...and having a great marriage afterwards.

  • NO BLOW-UP MOMENTS in this household...we are good communicators and we are kind to all those we encounter. So is our family.

  • NO WORKER BEES and chaos on the day-of. Family and friends get to relax and we're leaving it up to the professionals!

If that’s you...KEEP READING!



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