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Whimsy Love Stories

From inspiration boards to completion, we know how to design and ensure that you book the best creative partners that will enhance your wedding vision. We plan, design, and live intentionally. What is your intention for your wedding?


Is it to spend all evening dancing with friends and family? To get lost in love when there's nothing else but sea breezes whispering around us? Or maybe, just maybe - it was an intention all along to spend some time celebrating this momentous occasion with only those closest to us - or rather those who mean the world to us from the very beginning.

Everything we do is intentional.

Meg & Ryan - Private Estate, Tahoe_WHIMSEY WEDDINGS  (90).jpg

Meg & Ryan

Whimsy Events Max Nikkey Wedding Vineyard (12).jpg

Nikkey & Max

Alyson & Travis - Tannenbaum__WHIMSEY WEDDINGS8 (3).jpg

Alyson & Travis

Elise & Alex - Private Estate_WHIMSEY WEDDINGS FIRST LOOK (21).jpg

Elise & Alex

Jenny & Jeremy - Tahoe Blue Estate_WHIMSEY WEDDINGS  (94).jpg

Jenny & Jeremy

Trish and Steven - BLOC Venue_WHIMSEY WEDDINGS  (54).jpg

Trish & Steven

Jasmine & Brett - Private Estate,_WHIMSEY WEDDINGS  (63).jpg

Jasmine & Brett

Whimsy Events Angelica & Austins Las Cascadas Reno Wedding (437).jpg

Angelica & Austin

Jess & Matt - Private Estate, Lake Tahoe_WHIMSEY WEDDINGS  (83).JPG

Jess & Matt

Whimsy Events Heidi & Mark's Micro Wedding (241).jpg

Heidi & Mark

Whimsy Events Monica & Andrew Micro Wedding (15).jpg

Monica & Andrew

Brittney & Chris - Tannenbaum Event Center_WHIMSEY WEDDINGS25.jpg

Brittney & Chris

Christa & Tom - Ironstone Vineyard, Murphys, CA_WHIMSEY WEDDINGS387.jpg

Christa & Tom

Liz & Drew - Del Paso Country Club_WHIMSEY WEDDINGS  (4).JPG

Liz & Drew

Whimsy Events Emily & Matthew North Tahoe Event Center Wedding (11).jpg

Emily & Matthew

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