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Full-Service Wedding Planning
The whimsy Difference

Your wedding day isn't just another "day" is a day that will be a part of your legacy and love story forever. The stories of your wedding day will be told forever. We are here to help you execute your goals and create memories that last a lifetime!

Our Story & Services

Whimsy Events is a wedding planning and design company with a reputation built of excellence in designing, planning, and executing events across the country for over 20 years. Founder and Principal Planner, Faith grew up in the shadow of the beautiful.

Sierra Nevada mountains in the Reno & Lake Tahoe area for over 30 years, where she still maintains creative partnerships

with some of the best event professionals in the area.

From inception to execution, we take care of every last detail of your special day. Our Full-Service planning package is perfect for the couple who wish to leave the organizing of their day to the experts. 

Full-Service Wedding Planning


My wife and I made the attempt to have a destination wedding on the other side of the country during what ended up being a global pandemic. We went from having the wedding completely planned and everything good to go 6 months out, to having to completely replan the wedding top to bottom after deciding that postponing or cancelling wasn't an option for us. Faith was invaluable during this process. She FaceTimed us in and attended site and vendor visits while going above and beyond to make sure our event went off without a hitch. While we faced a more challenging road to the altar than we thought, we couldn't be more thankful that we persevered and made it through. All of that was made possible with the assistance of Whimsy Events

— Ryan


We utilize a professional state-of-the-art planning tool with a unique individualized portal for each client to give you the best stress-free experience we can. We are happy to give you a demo during your consultation!



Basic design layout and assistance is always included in our package. Every event we do is custom; therefore, our design prices depend upon a client's vision. 



Full-Service planning begins at $9,500.

Whimsy Events clients typically have budgets of $75k or more.

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