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Online Planning Tools


Every package we offer gives you access to your own Private Client Lounge! This is how we stay connected to you and all your plans with comments and communication in your portal make questions and assistance a breeze.


Each of our clients is unique and we are able to customize your Private Client Lounge for planning tools that fit your needs. This means that you’ll stay on top of your to-do list – but also maintain key communication with our planners, ensuring the best organization possible. 

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Customized Checklist

Our checklists are created from years of experience running events and are completely customizable as you go.  You can see them by date (i.e. 6-9 months out) OR by subject (i.e. "Bridesmaid Fashion" or "Ceremony") and filter it for how you work best. 

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Maintain all your calendar appointments and reminders in one place. Your payment reminders, vendor appointments, and checklist items due by certain dates can all be kept track of - emails are also automatically sent to everyone on your planning team. Sync your calendar to whatever platform your use so you never miss a task or meeting!

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Design Studio

Your personal Design Studio provides a fantastic way to share your inspiration, design sketches, floor plans and favorite images with all of your planning team members. Instead of 5 different Pinterest boards with "ideas", you can use the design board to store only the solid ideas you've decided upon that will be a part of your event. 

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Guest Management

Your online guest management tool allows you to keep track of every invitation, guest, children, anonymous guests, RSVPs, meal choices, food allergies, gifts, thank you notes – anything you can think of to ensure you are giving your guests the best experience. You can also message guests throughout the planning process and follow up on anyone who has not RSVP'd without all the dreaded phone calls and texts tracking down your guests!

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Layout Tool

Use the custom layout tool to professionally  scale your floor plan, seating, and event space to your exact specifications. Once designed, this tool integrates with your confirmed guests to drag-and-drop right onto specific tables for an easy-to-use table seating chart that can be exported.

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Vendor Contacts

Keep all of your event contacts in one location! You can store contracts, contact information, websites and emails all within each individual contact. 

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Budgeting Tool

Stay on budget and watch your spending with our budgeting tool. Add invoice payment dates, estimate costs and stay on track with your budget goals as you confirm and secure vendors. Reminders are emailed when payments are coming up so you never miss a task. 

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Timeline Tool

Timelines are one of the most time consuming parts of planning an event. With your timeline tool you will be able to customized it for your specific needs, share it with vendors, assign specific timeline events to vendors and key day-of people and filter for specific people. 

We upload our tried and tru timeline from years of creation into your portal and you can adjust it and edit it to your hearts content!

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Your customized notes will be a huge help for your planning! We give you access to all our customized templates for vendor inquiries, bridal party communication, decor planning, packing lists, song set lists and etiquette advice. 

Never miss a detail and streamline your vendor inquires with our ready-to-go templates!

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